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Sound View Home Services is a full service exterior cleaning company serving residents and business owners on Vashon and Maury Island.


Keeping your roof clean and free of moss helps to maintain proper drainage, prevents damage and extends it’s life. A clean roof also looks great. We clean all types of roofs including asphalt shingle, cedar shake, metal and tile. Each roof cleaning project is unique and a visit to the house is necessary to determine the best method of cleaning and to provide a cost estimate. Estimates are free, friendly and typically take around half an hour.


We recommend and provide preventative maintenance. Periodically sweeping the roof and applying a treatment to prevent moss from taking hold is easier and less expensive than major moss removal. It is also better for the roof in the long run.

We use a blower to gently sweep off leaves, fir needles and other debris that hold moisture on the roof and provide food for moss and algae. Keeping overhanging branches trimmed back is also recommended and included in our services

Dousing your roof in poisonous liquids or sprinkling toxic powders on it is, in our view, not a good idea. We treat roofs as needed with a certified organic, totally non-toxic, citric acid based moss and algae killer. We do not use or recommend zinc or bleach products due to their toxicity and harmful environmental impacts.

Ask about signing up for regular maintenance. Annual inspections are provided free of charge and services are proposed as needed. Imagine never having to worry that your roof is not getting the care that it needs to last as long as it was designed to.


Every house needs a good bath from time to time. Our top to bottom house wash may include roofs, gutters, siding, windows, window sills and casings, hard scape surfaces, decks and more. A thorough house wash can restore a home to it’s original beauty.

Preparing to list your home for sale? Exterior cleaning is often one of the most important things you can do to increase the curb appeal of a house. We have extensive experience helping to prepare homes for sale and are happy to provide recommendations.

Please note that more lead time is a always better, especially in the busy spring season. Finally finished building? We also provide a post construction clean-up services, adding that polishing finish to extended construction or remodel processes so you can finally sit back and enjoy the completed project.


Decks can become dangerously slippery when they are coated in algae. We clean all types of decks including cedar, ironwood, teak, composite, etc. Our high volume low pressure power washers are the perfect tool for cleaning wood as they clean evenly without digging into or lifting the grain as high pressure machines can. A professional cleaning is the best preparation for refinishing your deck.


Unless emptied after the after the fall and winter storms, gutters can become nurseries for baby trees. Open gutters with trees in the vicinity will need to be cleaned on occasion in order to function properly. The frequency of cleaning needed will depend on the conditions but typically gutters need cleaning at least annually and not uncommonly, twice per year.

The purpose of the gutters is to collect the water flowing off the roof and direct it away from the structure. If water is obstructed, whether by debris collecting behind the chimney, above a skylight or in the gutters, there is an increased chance of water finding it’s way where it shouldn’t, causing damage which may require costly repairs.

When cleaning the gutters we like to take the opportunity to sweep the roofs with a blower, inspect them for damage or moss and clear any valleys or other areas where debris has accumulated. We also check to see that the downspouts are not plugged.

In addition to emptying gutters of debris, we also like to clean the exterior surfaces of the gutter on occasion. This extra step is often overlooked but can make a huge improvement to the appearance of a home and is typically fairly easy to do.

We can often re-attach loose gutters to the house, install certain types of leaf guard and seal minor leaks but for major gutter repair or replacement we recommend Vashon Gutter Service (owned by Ed Palmer Construction). They can be reached at 206-463-4111.


Hard-scape surfaces must be cleaned from time to time to look their best, and prevent them from being dangerously slippery when wet. It is often easy to forget how great such surfaces look when they are clean.


Window cleaning is fun! We see such clear and immediate results for our efforts and we help to bring more light into peoples homes and lives. Many of our clients prefer to have their windows professionally cleaned inside and out either once or twice per year. If only once, spring or early summer is best. In the case of houses near the water we suggest more frequent exterior only cleaning to keep up with the residue from the salt spray.

We are happy to schedule partial cleanings in between regularly scheduled full cleanings to keep the most enjoyed windows sparkling.

Ask us about the benefits of setting up a regular service plan.

Of course, we also clean skylights, screens, mirrors, lamps and the sills and casements of all windows and doors as needed or requested.

We provide construction clean-up and restorative cleaning services to homeowners and contractors and we welcome commercial window cleaning accounts as well. Billing is typically on an hourly basis. We are fast and thorough and the quality is guaranteed. Please call to schedule service or an estimate!

Sound View Home Services LLC is your exterior home maintenance and cleaning team.

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