• About Us

Our mission is to enhance the beauty and maintain the value of your home by providing truly outstanding professional exterior cleaning services. We endeavor to create lasting relationships with our clientele based on trust and mutual respect. Integrity is our foundational ethic.

Respect for the environment

Sound View refers to more than the breath taking scenery we all enjoy in the Pacific Northwest. We uphold the view that if we treat our environment with care and due reverence, it will continue to take care of us, our children and their children. By maintaining and preserving existing resources (like your roof or deck) we reduce the high environmental cost of replacement while saving our clients money at the same time. We use only environmentally benign cleaning and moss control agents in order not to degrade the fragile aquatic ecosystem that makes our region so special.

Total commitment to quality

We work hard to provide the highest quality service possible. Through meticulous attention to detail and utmost integrity and professionalism in every aspect of our business practice, we endeavor to earn the trust and loyalty of our clientele, suppliers, subcontractors and associates.

Regard for aesthetics

Deriving great satisfaction from enhancing the beauty of your home, we delight in every completed project and are rewarded by our client’s deep appreciation of our work. For us, providing excellent cleaning services is a truly meaningful and fulfilling livelihood.

Sound View Home Services LLC is your exterior home maintenance and cleaning team.

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